Friday, May 30, 2014


I didn't like the Simplicity Cinderella pattern, so I modified the "generic princess" view of Butterick 4320 for this pattern instead. I used a very nice rayon crepe to line the bodice and an old silk-poly blend sari for the main dress, and poly organza for the puffs. 

Modifications: in the bodice, just buttons instead of zipper and for the sleeve puffs (instead of a full puffed sleeve where you can see the elastic through the organza), I sewed the sleeve seam, then gathered both "top" and "bottom" together and set them into the sleeve opening (to the bodice fabric), hand-stitching the lining down on top to cover the exposed edges. (If I make this again, I'll just free-hand more movie-accurate puffs. The ladies at Disney World have just regular puffs in white satin, I think, but I like the movie's version!)

For the skirt, as I was using a bordered fabric, I ignored the pattern pieces and instead gathered the fabric (folded double with a tulle petticoat in-between) and sewed it onto the bodice, again hand-sewing the lining over it. (Dress form very useful for that exercise, as I wanted to keep the point at the bodice front, so sewing straight wasn't an option!) (If I make this again, I'll just use the pattern pieces - the fabric was the only reason I didn't, and it sure would have been easier.)

For the pannier-things, I cut a large organza circle (30" or so), folded it in half, and gathered the edges (two layers together), then pinned and attached as I attached the skirt. 

I'm very pleased with this, as it looks more like the "real" Cinderella than the official patterns! Kidlet liked it too.
(Dress form, which kidlet has named Leonard, is a bit thicker in the waist than she is. But you can see the buttons.)

Frowny hot party-weary toddler approved!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Old notions

Always entertained by old notions - you got a lot more for a lot less back then!