Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I believe a yellow duck is necessary, don't you?

Chew guard

The baby turned into a badger and started chewing on her crib when she got teeth. It's a mini crib, and the rail in question is thick and round, so the plastic protector things wouldn't work.  On a friend's suggestion, I simply took a length of fleece, about eight inches wide (from my mother's sewing room trash can, actually - left over from making a sleep sack for my upcoming Boston nephew), snipped it all along, and tied it around the rail. Cute!

(And yes, that is a sleeping baby in the photo - took a big risk snapping that picture!)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Young Gadabout Baby Set

I finally took some better pictures of the Young Gadabout Baby Set

I made the hat as well, which I didn't see in other people's project photos.  It's hilarious, pointy, and the baby doesn't try to take it off (she normally hates hats, but this one doesn't bother her).

Doesn't keep her from exploring, though.

Or posing.