Thursday, November 20, 2008

Packet of fun stuff!

OOOOHhhh look at all the fun stuff here -- I want it!

Tonight: pumpkin soup (my 2nd recipe off of Anna Maria Horner's apron-for-soup cookbook so far).

Tomorrow: Clean house because contractors are coming by to fix the Ike leaks, and Himself's cousins are coming in to town.

If I can fit it in over the weekend:
That's right, the Greek Festival's going on one block from my house. Better find time to go, in-between taking time off from work for contractors and in-laws!

Also doing a plastic canvas I got off of freecycle, because it makes me happy and goes so much faster than the 2-year crossstitch I've been doing for a present for someone... it's really not my style, but I love it anyhow. Pictures when done (hopefully soon!).

Speaking of pictures, I did a secret belgian binding -- and it's lovely. Pictures soon, I promise.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I did it -- I got Simplesong's letterpress trial!
So excited! I love looking at letterpress stuff online, but have never gotten any ... just bouncing with anticipation now!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Last bit of October

So I'm slow :)

I finally took this off my front door:

Made it last year. Construction paper and tissue -- quite sweet.

Given my speed on that one, I think I won't be putting up my autumn leaves. Probably go straight to the snowflakes....

Man, things are easier when you're a housewife (like me last year) than when you have a full-time job!

Red Snowflakes

Currently drying on their board (a sheet of styrofoam from some package years ago, wrapped with a full roll of masking tape, with glittery shadows of snowflakes from years past (they've occasionally been sprayed with glitter)) are ten red snowflakes for freshly{blended}'s ornament swap.

This is my first ever swap of any kind, so I'm very excited! (So excited, in fact, I lost track of time, so I made many extra snowflakes which will be going on everyone's Christmas present this year, it seems!)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pumpkin Pasta

I made a fabulous dish the other night ... and indeed made it three nights in a row, once when DH was away (to test it), once when he was here, and then for my parents. It tastes like eating sunshine, it's that good. No picture, unfortunately. Didn't hang around long enough (and it tastes better than it looks, in any case).

Roasted Pumpkin-Onion Fettuccine

Fresh pumpkin, cubed, about 1 cup
Boiler onions (I used a combination of white and purple), about a dozen, peeled.
Olive oil
Fettuccine or ziti-style pasta (better with heavier pastas)
Alfredo sauce (I used 1 jar Classico brand)

Heat oven to 400 degrees.
Cook pasta.
Toss pumpkin and onions in olive oil, add salt and pepper (just a bit, remember the alfredo sauce has both as well). Put in roasting dish and bake for 35 minutes or until onions are cooked through and pumpkin cubes are brown around the edges.
Toss with sauce and pasta.
Eat, enjoy.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Anna Bolster

Last Saturday, I also bought a beautiful journal (photos when I find the card for the camera...) from Anna Bolster, with whom I was sharing a table. Her work is truly excellent. The journal I bought has a velvet ribbon around it, which makes me so very happy (love tactile sensations). I don't really use blank books much, so I'll be keeping it for a few years with the intention of then using it as a pregnancy journal... makes me look forward to it!

(I can't post photos from her site, either, so go over there -- really worth it. Very nice.)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Adding a link

It was just drawn to my attention who pointed out her feelings about selling less-than-perfect items online, as I referenced in my post below: Sarah, from LittlePaperBird. Credit where credit is due :)

And a small picture of me -- I never upload pictures of myself, so here's one from another internet incarnation before I got married and when I was being more pseudonymous... it was my birthday, in India.

Mr. Monkeysuit's Shop

Mr. Monkeysuit has a shop with very cute, very cheap, and very fun things ... and an adorable moustachioed acorn logo! Go check it out!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Book fair update

Well, it was a success ... and cleared me out! My shop now has only one item left ... must restock! But it was so much fun to meet real people and get reassurance that people do want my work. Also, as others have said (but can't find the link now), I feel bad about putting something a bit wonky on Etsy, with a glue smudge, or with slightly warped covers, or just not quite as good as I'd like, but I have no qualms about selling it in person - they've already seen it and judged it worthwhile. While I spent half my earnings buying a Mrs. Molesworth book and a journal from the girl next to me, I did make enough to pay for a nice dinner -- and that makes me overjoyed.

And the few things I didn't sell? A few are going in the shop once I take more pictures, and the rest I rather wanted to keep as presents (like the metallic books below), so everything's grand.

Have a great day, all!
(stock photo, but mmmm looks nice!)

Book Fair!

I'm going to the Book Fair!

Here are some of the little books I'll be selling (some of which have made an appearance here before -- I love the little one with the house on it!)...And here are my little earrings!
If you're in the Houston area, hope to see you there!