Sunday, August 31, 2008

City Streets

This darling book is a present for my college roommate, a New York girl now in New Haven. It's coptic-bound, so it should lie nice and flat for her to write class notes in.

It has a bit of a NYC map both as outside and inside cover, front and back. I hope the yellow paper will be nice and soothing. I could have used some better thread -- the white thread is fine, but blue might have been better. Need to find some, though -- as of now, have just white and red.

I do need a better set-up for photography. The top of a piece of paper is fine for tiny earrings, but not good for larger books, and neither is a beat-up (and reflective) black piece of electronic equipment! (Example: the picture of the cover is misleading, as the book is actually well squared, and doesn't taper towards the top.)

Tiny Book Earrings

These are my first offering. I'd seen tiny book earrings, and thought I could try the same. I first made a pair twice this size (about 3/4" by 1"), and realized they were much too large; they were also only one signature (these are four each). So, made a handful of smaller ones -- a leopard-print pair like this one and a red-bound pair were both snapped up by co-workers. It's a pain working so small, though! But I've now bought a smaller needle, so things should go better in the future. My adviser tells me I should put on some headbands and be sewing these on tapes ... maybe in the future! I tried other earring findings, rather than the kidney style, but couldn't get them to work -- I suppose I'd need actual jewelry-making tools for that (making little wire loops through the spine, etc.).

First Post!

I am pleased to announce that after much inspiration from such people as Rhonda and Tulibri, I am now starting my own Etsy shop! More pictures, descriptions, and details of what I'm working on to come.

I work with books professionally, but not in a creative fashion, so it's been delightful to make my own books for once. I've been knitting, crocheting, cross-stitching, tatting, etc. all my life (no embroidery -- I have to know exactly where things go!), and have also been in love with books all my life, so the conjunction of crafting and books thrills me to no end.

Thanks for stopping by!