Sunday, January 18, 2009

Inspiration / Ideas

I have to create things. Even when telling myself I needed to stay focused at work, I created curtains and crowns out of discarded items. But I'd love the things I create to be objectively productive, not just turning junk nobody wants into more junk nobody wants. Some people have ideas:
Sheri Schmelzer had an idea. She made bugs and flowers and junk to stick in the holes of ugly plastic shoes to make them, if not less ugly, at least more decorative. It became popular, became Jibbitz, and now she's a millionaire. (Full disclosure: I wear Crocs at work, because I'm on my feet all day and walk a mile to and from my car. I have no jibbitz, and wear this kind of Croc, but still. Shame takes second place to waterproof comfort.)

I have ideas, but I doubt they're things that would appeal to the masses. My sister understands the masses (she's a school counsellor, down with Hannah Montana and all that), but doesn't make things. New plan: to get together, her ideas and my making things, and become millionaires.

Hey, a girl can dream, right?

(Now back to the knitted socks.)


  1. I love dreaming about finding a thing that solves a problem . .since having kids I've been amazed at how many things are out there that parents have come up with to solve a problem they've seen in design in products for their kids. . .one example that I'm thinking of is a hook that is mega strong and hangs on the back of the door so you have somewhere to stow your stroller - can't remember the company but I think I read about it Cool Mom Picks - great idea for people who use a stroller daily and have small spaces. We do live in a small house but thankfully have an enclosed porch to stow it in. Still . .made me think "why didn't I think of that??"

    - Donna

  2. I'm fascinated by all the stroller ideas. I love the style of some of the British ones ... and I love the convertible-ness. From pram to facing-you upright to facing-out upright, also working as a car seat, one stroller for the entire babyhood -- it's amazing.

    I think I may have one idea, from my sister, that won't make us a million dollars but might make a few things easier about the house ... stay tuned!

  3. And the thing about inventions like those Croc decorations is that they seem so simple and obvious--after someone else invents them! Think I'd better stick to making books... :)


  4. I have given you the Kreativ Blogger award on my blog, do accept this humble offering :-)

  5. Fifteen years ago I told my husband we should invent a Christmas tree with lights already on it. He thought it was a great idea. I said, "Well, do it. I came up with the idea. You have to build it." He had no idea how to do it. Execution: That's our downfall. When we come up with an idea, how do we implement it? Fear of failure: That's the other one. How do we find somebody who agrees our idea is great? I'm enthralled with the possibility. I'm sure we've all got the ideas down there somewhere.