Friday, May 1, 2009


On our way back from India, Himself and I stopped off in Paris. His family is from India, and his first name is very common there, so we were always looking around to see who was calling him. (Aside: I always found it amusing to shout out "Mommy!" in a crowd, just to see how many mothers would look my way to see if I were theirs.) For equality's sake, then, we found my name in many places in Paris.
(You may have to zoom in on that one.)
We had fun doing the 1976 Michelin Guide (picked up on my parents' honeymoon) recommended 4-days tour of Paris in 2 days, with the third for Versailles -- walking about 8 miles a day, which is very salutary, I'm sure, but does make your feet tired after four days of climbing stone temples barefoot in India.
We caught some examples of fine French design, which my French-Antiques-Saleswoman Aunt I'm sure would appreciate, such as the chandelier in our little hotel:
And we saw all the general sights, as well as, of course, some very exciting bookbinding examples:
at the Hotel Cluny, Museum of the Middle Ages:
Also managed to stop by Relma, a fantastic bookbinding shop. I'd never been to a real bookbinding shop before, only booths at the Guild of Bookworkers Standards meeting, so it was a great experience. Bought some cheap leather (that would fit in the suitcase) and some headbands -- some of the leather's already gone to make Himself a book, which should be my next post, if I remember -- either that or the bird that's moved into my parsley!
The last night, febrile under the Eiffel Tower, was not quite as fun, but I'm all recovered and well, and at least the pneumonia didn't really hit until the last night!


  1. I'm sorry you were sick during your trip... ;o( When you left your question about rigid heddle weaving, you didn't say what kind of loom you have.
    This is the site I used to learn to warp mine the easy way..Don't know if your set up to allow more than one link in a comment, so will do another one with another link...

  2. Looks like it isn't going to give me good links... why don't you send me an email at

  3. What a pretty name you have, Marguerite. Thanks for visiting - hope you're now recovered. At least it wasn't swine flu!

  4. thanks Linda and Isabelle, and thanks for stopping by!