Monday, November 30, 2009

Book fair!

Earlier this month we had the book fair at the Museum of Printing History.  Here's me with my offerings:

Regular readers may recognize some of these books, especially my two miniature books in the left corner.  (Those went quickly.)

The little books in the middle, in the neon covers, are tiny staple-bound notebooks; I find them useful, and usually have one in my purse or wallet, but they didn't sell, at a dollar each.

All three of these ones went, though.  All I have left is a few of the Florentine-paper ones, and one with Rome on it that I forgot to bring but that (see post below) is now destined for the perfect sister-in-law.

Much fun!  My second fair, not as exciting as the first (because I spent all of 3 weeks making things, rather than a few months like last year, so didn't have much variety or any of the little earrings which sold so well last year), but still a very good time.

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  1. I love your creations...I have never made a book, now I want to!! How creative!