Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Grandparents' Quilt

I finally finished my grandparents' quilt!  It's my first quilt - my first real one, not a tiny baby quilt, and definitely my first with hand-quilting.  I hand-quilted around the designs in the center panel and around the Ohio Star blocks.  The rest - largely due to time constraints - was done by machine.  Lesson learned: can't machine-quilt with hand quilting thread, at least not on a 30-year-old Kenmore.  But it looks good, and, more importantly, my grandparents love it.  (My grandmother's crazy for "redbirds".)

Up next: an applique quilt the in-laws gave me to make (just a foot square, but applique is totally new to me), a star quilt for my mother for July 4, and a civil-war-style to-be-designed quilt for me!
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  1. It's beautiful, I just love it. Good work, you are very talented.