Thursday, March 17, 2011

Miniature quilt!

That's what I've been working on!  Miniature quilt from Terrie Sandelin's Miniatures in Minutes.  Didn't exactly take minutes - more like 2 days - but it's SO COOL how everything lines up so beautifully!  I've since picked off all the backing paper (used just computer paper - wasn't sure if I'd even like doing it, so didn't buy fancy supplies - but I think her recommendations of alternate materials are probably wise) and am waiting to figure out what to do with the finished product.  And how to quilt it.  A few of the seams are borderline not there (I wasn't sure how to place the triangles, as all the illustrations showed only vertical seams and then just said to keep piecing the rest, so some of the seam allowances got too large in some places and much too small in others), so in-the-ditch quilting is probably not wise.  Perhaps just along the grid (in the middle of it)? or diagonally across the triangles?  Either way, it was fun!

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