Sunday, February 3, 2013

Music Class

So, when I went to the store to get a pattern for an outfit for my upcoming nephew, I may have gotten distracted...


  1. I love Oliver + S patterns. I wish I actually had time to sew more clothes though! Haven't tried music class yet.

  2. It's  also super fast! Cut the skirt out last night, sewed it in maybe thirty minutes actual sewing time this morning; making the blouse tomorrow.  The internet has many fun examples of color, trims, etc. (I planned on using pink fake-piping trim, but I forgot... Kid doesn't need to look that preppy anyhow...). And it has lots of sizes.  I thought the Oliver + S hoopla was just one of those internet trends... but I totally understand it now.  Good construction, intuitive, fast, and accessible (I hear) to beginning dressmakers while not offending the sensibilities of advanced ones (dude, I'm not paying $15 for a pillowcase dress pattern).  I tend to wear my jeans out due to thigh rub (yeah... your weight loss posts have inspired me, Tawny, but not enough!), so I have assorted intact lower legs lying around, so she gets the skirt in denim next.  I heartily recommend it.  Thanks for stopping by!