Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Young Gadabout Baby Set

I finally took some better pictures of the Young Gadabout Baby Set

I made the hat as well, which I didn't see in other people's project photos.  It's hilarious, pointy, and the baby doesn't try to take it off (she normally hates hats, but this one doesn't bother her).

Doesn't keep her from exploring, though.

Or posing.


  1. I absolutely LOVE this set! My mother can knit like this, but my knitting skills don't quite compare, lol! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying "Hi"!
    May I suggest adding a followers / Bloglovin button in the sidebar? I'd love to keep up with your creations!

  2. I finally got around adding it - I don't follow blogs that way, so I forget other people do!