Monday, February 17, 2014

Growth tucks as originally intended

Back when she was tiny, I made the kidlet (now 2!) Chery Williams' Baby Square Yoke dress in a 6 month size.  My first dress on my mother's Bernina that she kindly gave me, with sweet decorative stitches on the collar and lots of exciting work with the edgestitch and rolled hem feet.  My first attempt at heirloom sewing.
(Photo from last July - ignore the mess!)
It was quite big (though she wore it much of her second spring and summer, just after turning 1), and very long (especially for a crawler), so I put in a big tuck that made the dress look even cuter.

Going through clothes to put away as too small, I found this one still fits, so out came the seam ripper, out comes three inches of growth tuck, and my kidlet's wearing a size 6 month dress comfortably into her second year!

(Now where'd I put that iron?)

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