Thursday, July 24, 2014

Frozen dress!

I really like the movie Frozen.  The Broadway-style songs are great, and it's an interesting change that there's no real "bad guy" (well, there is towards the end, but that's almost an aside).  My kidlet loves it, and so does every other child, it seems.  Mine thankfully wants Anna's dress (thanks, Spoonflower!) - pleated cotton and embroidered suedette I can happily do.  All the other kids, however, want Elsa's snow queen dress.  I've had three orders for one, and made a fourth for trial of fabrics and patterns.
You must pose with a crown if you're a queen.

JoAnn's wisely has all the ice-blue shiny fabrics pulled on a display table.

Size 3-4 is a bit large on a toddler.

Simplicity gets the Disney contracts, but McCall's made the pattern first, so it's called "Winter Princess," delightfully.  Other unofficial Frozen-inspired products from other companies also have silly names to avoid trademark issues - at Sparkle Skirts it's "big sister" and "little sister".

The odd underarm cape certainly met with her approval.

Hadn't made an attached cape from the yoke (rather than neck) before, and I rather like it - it doesn't pull at the neckline at all, especially as it attaches around past the arms (as in the movie, though I'll likely move it a little further out - this pattern comes perhaps a bit too far in).

The finished product, ready for Etsy if anyone wants it - if nobody wants it in a year, kidlet will have grown into it!

Made with spangly stretchy stuff, costume satin skirt, shiny organza cape, and a nice chiffon for the sleeves.

I'm glad I did the trial run - these spangles are all glued on and it did a number on my machine - needles get gummy, thread won't glide along gummy needles... I've got a metallic crinkle overlay for the other dresses!

Zipper and big placket in the back.  I may alter the placket a bit for the subsequent dresses.

One round of fray-y shiny sparkles down, three to go!

Available here.

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