Sunday, August 31, 2008

City Streets

This darling book is a present for my college roommate, a New York girl now in New Haven. It's coptic-bound, so it should lie nice and flat for her to write class notes in.

It has a bit of a NYC map both as outside and inside cover, front and back. I hope the yellow paper will be nice and soothing. I could have used some better thread -- the white thread is fine, but blue might have been better. Need to find some, though -- as of now, have just white and red.

I do need a better set-up for photography. The top of a piece of paper is fine for tiny earrings, but not good for larger books, and neither is a beat-up (and reflective) black piece of electronic equipment! (Example: the picture of the cover is misleading, as the book is actually well squared, and doesn't taper towards the top.)


  1. Have you tried dying your own thread. I use unwaxed natural coloured linen thread and then dye based ink pads to colour mine. Once waxed it seals the colour in.

    I should have a tutorial up on my blog in the next couple of weeks.


  2. Just might try that -- need to get some ink pads too, then! (Your stamping makes me happy, so I've been intending to pull out my old ones anyhow ... my mother used to put stamps on everything when we were little, and we made our own cheerfully stamped wrapping paper all the time...)