Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Christmas Quilt

A bit late, eh? Well, here's a little lap quilt I made for Himself, who gets cold. It's a silly cold -- he wants to sit around in light cotton clothing in January. I want to dress like it's January, and am actually doing stuff around the house (plus I have some extra natural insulation he doesn't have), and see no reason why I should be in a summer sundress and sweating to keep him comfortable sitting still in summer clothes in the winter ... so I refuse to turn the heat above 60, and make him put on blankets if he refuses to wear socks and sweaters!
Bizarrely, blogger seems to have rotated my picture ... but, as you can see, the back is poinsettias, with gold diamond-shaped quilting, and the front is santa toile (so funny!) with shaped quilting around each vignette. My first complete quilt! I tried to piece things when little (my mother's an accomplished quilter, and actually had to sew the bias tape around the edge here after I gave up, so I of course wanted to do what she was doing), but never actually completed one before. It was modeled after Erin's three and a half hour quilt, but it took me a bit longer ... lack of experience, I guess. And that's not even counting the binding. But, I'm pleased! And so was he.

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  1. Well, I love it! Delightfully cozy and you will enjoy using it year after year. My mom has rescued more than one of my sewing projects, too. Congratulations!