Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Last of Christmas

Yes, I put away Christmas stuff on January 6 or 7. But I didn't post pictures until now!

These are those little houses ... I have to admit, while all snobby and classy in other respects, I confess to a weakness for Thomas Kinkade (in moderation) and little Dickensian houses that light up at Christmas.

(Peeking out under the drawer you can see the edge of some University of Texas demitasse cups my fabulous grandmother gave us, as we've each gone -- Himself for undergrad, me for my MA.)

And I got a gingerbread house kit in the secret santa at work, so ... house! It was truly a merger -- Himself had never made one before, so he was a novice, while I ... well, let's just say, the last one I made was a scale model of the Stephansdom in Vienna, with colored M&M's making up the patterned roof. So we compromised! I think it was sufficiently happy, anyhow!

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