Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's your dream car?

If it's just expensive fancy cars, my dream car is..
(And that's actually not so expensive anymore, now that they're all 12 years old.)

But the car that would just tickle me so greatly to have is a Trabant.

I lived in Germany for a year, and spent two weeks with a family in former East Germany.  They spoke fondly of their Trabi, and I ended up writing a school paper from their stories -- taking the engine out and into the house with them in the evenings in winter, carrying around a set of strong rubber bands and electrical tape for repairs, actually speeding once when the spring holding up the gas pedal broke (brilliant engineering, there)... But really, I do love them.  Their style's so much like my second favorite car, the HM Ambassador in India.

Best thing?  You can get them quite cheaply these days.
Here's an ebay listing.

From the description (translation): "both autos are more or less driveable."

And (at least right now) for 10 Euro the pair!

Do you have a silly dream car?


  1. When I lived in Poland my friend had a trabant, I loved that car! We managed to drive all the way to Vienna in it and back via Bratislava without it breaking down once!

  2. Yes, I have a silly dream car... it's sitting in the garage dreaming of the day that it will stop being a dream and become reality. It's been waiting for about 4 years...a 1968 kharman ghia.