Monday, May 21, 2012

Good luck on the giveaways!

Last December I won a few bags, both of which I use regularly, and one of which I am never without - I won this bag from BettyCrockerAss (ha!)

At her suggestion - and thanks to the packet of wipes she stored inside - I use it as my diapering case.  It's on my wrist when we're stepping to the changing area and I don't need to take the whole stroller/diaper bag, and it's in the diaper bag otherwise.  It's great when you win something so useful!  (Even more useful - the baby came two weeks early, and those were the only wipes we owned when she showed up!)

Here it is in its regular location, accompanied by the nursing cover my mother made me (couldn't sit at the sewing machine the last six weeks, so she took over!) and one of our beloved cloth diapers (another is in the bag, along with a just-in-case disposable):

I'm hoping to win things this time, but even if I don't - I've found many new blogs to subscribe to.  And I enter only things that I actually like, and subscribe only to blogs I'll actually (plan to) read, so consider yourself admired if I entered/subscribed (or commented on another post - as I'll do if I like your blog but don't need whatever is in the giveaway!).

Good luck, everyone!


  1. Phew! I've been commenting on giveaways all evening and still have barely made a dent in the pile. There are some great giveaways this time around aren't there? :D

  2. Well I am glad you found me....thanks for following hope you keep enjoying my blog.