Thursday, May 17, 2012

Time to Return

Well hello there! 

I was gone for quite a while.  Many things have happened... Since a year ago March, my little cat, my companion for 18 years, finally passed away.  Then - as I mentioned here, in my post on hospice quilts - I spent some time at Houston Hospice, as we said goodbye to my grandfather.  I may write more on both of those topics at some point...

On a much more positive note - and the main reason I took time away from blogging - we had a baby!

She's a nice baby - Monkey Baby, we call her. (Hat available in my Etsy shop.)

She's much nicer out than in... pregnancy did not agree with me at all.  (Benefit to that - if you're sick the entire nine months, you don't have any baby weight to lose!)

I spend a lot of time just watching her make silly faces. 

The first month she was here was just spent getting to know her, so I didn't get to too much crafty work.  She's a good sleeper, though, so over the past three months I've had opportunity to make her lots of clothes - and make several more Monkey Baby hats for the shop (but not photograph them, so it's still just the generic listing) - which I hope to show you all soon!

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