Sunday, September 7, 2008

First limp leather attempt

This was something I made a month or two ago (along with several small casebound leather books, which worked quite well at that small scale and made me very happy indeed). There were so many problems with it. To begin with, my needle was too big, I believe (I now have smaller needles), and the holes I had made for chain stitch at the ends of the signatures ended up turning into slits (and, in case you didn't realize it, a chain stitch doesn't hang on to a slit very well). That, coupled with my lack of knowledge of exactly what order to do things in, ended up in my getting very lost on the inside and the whole bottom right corner of the text block spine not being attached to the cover at all:

(You can also see that I didn't get the signatures lined up well with each other either -- something went wrong when punching the holes.)

The way the spine finally ended up turning out was even wonkier than the rest:

But at least it worked as a book -- it's got text from Project Gutenberg and is not structurally difficult at all to read. So, not a complete failure after all.


  1. Sorry to see that working with leather worked that bad for you. Maybe the quality of the material was insufficient? I only worked with leather once, but I don't think my leather would rip.

    In response to your comment on my blog:
    You really don't have to hide your German. I hope, my English is as good. I am sure I make a lot of mistakes, and I just hope that the overall message is understood anyway.

  2. despite the problems - it is a very sweet little leather book! Lovely size.