Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wine-colored dress

What I want:

Alison Sweeney's dress tonight on the Biggest Loser.  A-line, funky sleeves, nifty low-cut-ness, and wine colored.  Absolutely gorgeous.  I have tomorrow morning off of work... I have no money, but perhaps I might go to Target or something to see if there's something like that somewhere... No image, because there's not one online yet (heck, the show's still on!)... my second ever twitter search (first: to see if I was the only one having Blogger troubles or not a few days back) was to see if anyone else mentioned her dress; seems (so far at least) that nobody has.  Perhaps I'm crazy.

This is an excellent color, though:

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  1. Uh yeah, I saw her dress and it was ADORABLE!!! The color looked good on her also. I've just started watching that show lately and it's so much better than I expected. What I love about Allison Sweeney is she's no twig herself and I know she works her rear end off just to be the size she is - that makes me love her even more! Hope you found that dress, girl, it was cute! ♥