Friday, October 2, 2009

Rigid Heddle Mats

I made these two mats a while back on my rigid heddle loom.  I used the Sugar and Cream yarn, which I love -- it's the same yarn as in the star blanket I made a while back.   It was just a simple weave, not trying to get any fancy patterns at all (although I did have fun with my graph paper plotting out how to warp it to get fancy patterns in plain weave).  Overall, I'm pretty pleased.  I didn't weave in the ends when changing colors, as it really bulked up where it duplicated (the yarn's so thick), and I figured I'd have to do something with the edges anyhow, as I'm not yet overly steady on the tension at the edges. 

You can't really tell from these pictures, but this one (that I made first) is longer than the other.  They were intended to be placemats, but I didn't measure properly when warping on, so one's placemat-shaped, and the other's squarish.  I realized when switching that there wasn't enough yarn, so left only a very small gap for fringing in between the two.  I think I may just zigzag over it on the machine to hold the fringe in place, rather than knotting ... any opinions on that?

Not bad for functionally a beginner, though, right?

(I did do several pieces 15 years or so ago, all with some sort of scratchy earth-toned stuff that I've seen in weaving shops since ... I prefer non-scratchy finished products, so I prefer working with things like this.)
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  1. These woven mats are so cool! I love the colors and the pattern. Excellent work.